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Start by placing the outer silicone mold over the air mold and base. Use the sealing loop to seal up the silicone mold and the base tightly.


Use the double action air pump to bring shape to your Magic Ice mold. Pump the mold full of air to create a hollow structure, then zip the cover over your soon-to-be sculpture.


Each sculpture uses about 60 litres (15.85 gallons) of water, poured into the top of the mold through a water pump included with Magic Ice.


Once the mold has been filled with water, leave it outside to freeze. Your ice sculpture will freeze in 36 to 48 hours depending on outdoor temperatures.


Unzip the cover, slide the silicone mold off your frozen sculpture, and personalize however you like. You can keep your sculpture simple, or go all out; the  possibilities are endless.

Each mold comes with one "decorating" kit to complete your first snowman!