Freeze the Joy

Say hello to the newest generation of Winter Decorations. Delight the kids and charm the neighbors with Magic Ice.

Christmas Tree Mold - Coming soon

Ice brick mold - Coming soon

The World's First Inflatable, Hollow Ice Sculpture Mold.

Create Your Own Ice Sculpture with just Air and Water.

Take your winter wonderland decor to new heights with Magic Ice

No learning curve. No trial and error. Just the perfect snowman every single time.
Interactive Family Fun

Creative, interactive fun for the whole family! An unlimited number of combinations to decorate your ice sculpture!

Winter Material

Made with genuine, premium materials. Magic Ice is built to enjoy a "real" winter.

Easy Setup & Storage

Our simple five-step process only requires water. When the season is over, the compact packaging makes storing it a breeze.


  • Shana G.

    Such a great addition to our Christmas wonderland; Very eyecatching. 

  • Linda A.

    We have had 4 of the Magic Ice Snowman Ice Sculpture Prototypes in our front yard for 3 winters now. I can definitely say the product is reuseable and durable as it can get very cold where we live.

  • Brian M.

    My son always told me to light up the snowman ice sculpture when the school bus comes, he is very proud to have his own ice snowman.

  • Mike D.

    My daughter called herself Elsa and called them Olaf;